The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor

Torikagosou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunintachi
(The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor/
story by: Yukako Kabei
illustrations: Samata Techno
english translation by:
>manga scanlations by Turtle Paradise at:
>Spanish retranslation at:

Summary (from the back cover): “Hotel Williams Child Bird”, nicknamed <Birdcage Manor>, inhabiting in there are eccentric people who can’t fit in the normal society. A day-dreaming beautiful woman, a Gothic Lolita that’s a grade schooler, a person in a cat’s costume, the eerie aged twins and an unidentifiable piercing cry that continues to resound.
In such <Birdcage Manor> one of the residents – Kizuna Etoh, in her 16th winter makes acquaintance with an Art collage student living on fifth floor like a hikikomori – Yusei Asai. And then she is invited to a part-time job as a nude model for paintings. In an disorderly atelier with a heavy scent of oil paints as she spends time together with Asai, she feels that to her that time is gradually becoming a valuable part of her everyday…
It’s a story how <Birdcage Manor’s> a bit odd residents’ pass a bit odd but in various ways their normal every-days.


鳥籠荘の今日も眠たい住人たち 〈1〉
Volume 1: ISBN-10: 4840236054
<Untitled I> 〈無題 I〉
Chapter 1Farewell, Crybaby Postman (第1話 さよなら、泣き虫ポストマン)
Chapter 2 – Street • Brave • Girl (第2話 ストリート・ブレイブ・ガール)
Part I pt II pt III pt IV pt V pt VI pt VII
Chapter 3 – Papa is Only Mine HERO (第3話 パパはわたしだけのHERO)
Part I pt II pt III pt IV pt V pt VI pt VII
Chapter 4 – The Wingless Bird Within The Cage (第4話 籠の中の羽根のない鳥)
Part I pt II pt III ptIV pt V pt VI pt VII pt VIII pt IX pt X pt XI pt XII
<Untitled II> 〈無題 II〉
Afterword (あとがき)
鳥籠荘の今日も眠たい住人たち 〈2〉
Volume 2: ISBN-10: 4840237271
<Passing I> 〈通りがかり I〉
Chapter 1 – Wrong Method to Becoming a Mermaid Princess (第1話 人魚姫になるための間違った方法)
Chapter 2 – Crayfish/Shoplifter/Sketchbook (第2話 ザリガニ/万引き/スケッチブック)
Episode.1 Dead Dog/Alien/Sketchbook (Episode.1 死んだ犬/宇宙人/スケッチブック)
Episode.2 Crayfish/Shoplifter/Sketchbook (Episode.2 ザリガニ/万引き/スケッチブック)

Chapter 3 – Her and His Awkward Sunday, Her and Her(?) Unexpected Saturday
(第3話 彼女と彼の気まずい日曜、彼女と彼女?のハプニングな土曜)

<Passing II> 〈通りがかり II〉
Afterword (あとがき)
鳥籠荘の今日も眠たい住人たち 〈3〉
Volume 3: ISBN-10: 4840239355
<Chatting Corpse I>〈お喋りな死人 I〉
Chapter 1 – Kaji-kun’s Family and Yamada-san’s Family ~ A Night in Panic SIDE-A
(第1話 加地くんちと山田さんち ~A Night in Panic SIDE-A)

Chapter 2 – This Story’s Only About How It Took Two Weeks For You To Say, “See You Tomorrow Night at 9.” ~ A Night in Panic SIDE-B
(第2話 明日夜9時、と言わせるまでに2週間かかった、というだけの話 ~A Night in Panic SIDE-B)

Chapter 3 – Assam-Melen in a Milk Tea (第3話 アッサム・メレンをミルクティーで)
<Chatting Corpse II> 〈お喋りな死人 II〉
Oddly Enough: A Kigurumi for a Kigurumi? (こぼれ話 着ぐるみには着ぐるみを?)

鳥籠荘の今日も眠たい住人たち 〈4〉
Volume 4: ISBN-10: 4048670131

鳥籠荘の今日も眠たい住人たち 〈5〉
Volume 5: ISBN-10: 4048672649

鳥籠荘の今日も眠たい住人たち 〈6〉
Blood Party!
Volume 6 Blood Party!: ISBN-10: 404867529X

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