Mitsu Aji Blood c03

Finally releasing!

If the translation sound weird, well, half of it is Tokinaga speaking archaically and me trying to mimicry that. ^^

>>>Mitsu Aji Blood chapter 03<<<

Yeah, I know Coyomoose released it as joint with Eclipse scans, but I hope you’ll like my version too.

I used different kinds of fonts which makes it look nicer. 🙂

P.S. – Sorry about not translating that side panel – I had a person that was supposed to translate it but she dissapeared on me. So I just somehow figured out the kanji on the omake only – with the help of a few people.

Many thanks clairparfait, kuroneko033 !!

3 thoughts on “Mitsu Aji Blood c03

  1. Well it never hurts to have another copy of a particular manga. Thanks for all the hard work and I look forward to checking out the chapter you did =)

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