On hiatus…

Due to the fact that I’m in my last year of high school and I’ll be having my school leaving exams as well as university entrance exams (even now I’m working on my school project that I have to hand in right before my prom – uhm… these things work differently in each country and it just works like this in mine, don’t think too deeply in it.) I’m putting everything on hiatus. Exceptation is Ojousama no Untenshu that I’m going to finish for Omari’s Sister.

Maybe I’ll be putting up the chapter 1 part 3 of Birdcage Manor soon – I have less than 2 pages left.

I know that someone retranslated Torikago and I know that my skill has a long way to go, but even so I still enjoy translating it and I don’t plan on quiting with it – reason: I want to read it. (‘Sides, I don’t like the translation that person did~ The atmosphere and writing style was completely lost. …………I keep close to the original without changing much. Almost nothing.)

(The thing about Kizuna’s name written as Kizna on the illustration – I know it. I just decided to use Kizuna because it sounds better and because I’m used to it from scanlated manga version. It’s totally my personal preference. Sorry. I decided to use it like that, well, it’s the same as as having different types of name translation, example: Ryuu, Ryu, Ryū —-I just prefer Ryuu.)

………………….weeeeeeeeeeeeeell, that’s about all I wanted to say.

So until next time.

I hope I won’t die because of my bad digestive system and not being able to eat until then.

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