Double release of Birdcage Manor!

This time I managed to translate two parts of The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor! Yaaay!

Many thanks to Satsuki-chan who proofreaded it for me (she’s also proofreading the previous parts as well so you can expect version 2 of parts 1-4).

Just two parts to translate and chapter 1 will be finally done! 🙂

…I’m going to have very important written exams on the 13th and 14th and I have to finish my graduation project to the end of the next week… I guess I won’t be finishing the translation before then… (ˇ_ˇ);
After that… in May there are oral exams and then I’ll have entrance exams. I’ll be busy studying. (WTH don’t I feel like doing anything when I know how much work I have ahead of me??? Sigh. Someone, drop on me a bucket of motivation, please.)


Thoughts on this release: Kizuna acted unexpectedly cute and Asai showed his cute side as well. Yuki can sure push their buttons well, LOL. I was also laughing while feeling sorry – at the blunder Kizuna made after waking up.

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