7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

    Thank you for working so hard, so that I can enjoy manga I wouldn’t otherwise be able to read.
    I hope you have a great day & an incredible year.
    Really hope both school and the rest of RL go well.
    Most of all be well, and happy….

  2. congrats!
    thanks for the TL of birdcage manor. although i’m gonna wait till you finish the chapter (if i can hold out that is)… i really hope you don’t drop this… if i like it i can proofread/edit it for you…

    • Thank you. 🙂
      I currently have a proofreader for Birdcage Manor but thanks for the thought.
      I’ll try to finish 1st chapter fast and then I’ll probably won’t release the next chapter per parts like before, but release halves of the chapter. …Sorry, does that make sense?

  3. yes, why wouldn’t it?)) although i myself prefer to release a whole chapter… i can’t enjoy smth smaller than a chapter… and this will be the first LN that i will be reading without waiting for at least a volume to be completed. its amazing how many LN’s are dropped after just one chapter, if u look at manga updates.
    of course i’m not gonna push myself on you, but one proofreader is rarely enough. (sayonara piano sonata has 3 editors and i still found a shit ton of errors). anyway if i do find errors and mail the word file to you, you’ll look at it at least, won’t you?

    • Sure, well, I run spell-check… so…
      Also, I wrote that part 5-6 were proofreaded (the proofreader is in university – english major). And for now that person proofread part 1. When she finishes proofreading parts 2-4, I’ll re-release them together.

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