About Ojousama no Untenshu

I’m sorry to say that Heart Crusade scanlation will no longer release Ojousama no Untenshu. This project will be continued by Omari’s Sister alone. It was Omari’s Sister who had the raws in the first place, it was only me, non∞, who agreed to edit the raws of the first chapter. However Ojousama no Untenshu is an editing monster and I was unable to complete the editing by myself.

Anyway, Ojousama no Untenshu is dropped at Heart Crusade.

Currently I have a lack of time in RL (because I’ll be soon having university entrance exams, etc.), so forgive me for putting everything on-hold until the end of June.

P.S. Torikago v1 ch1 pt7 is already translated but the proofreader didn’t contact me yet.
Also, I was contacted by a person who’ll provide me with Torikago volume 2 raws. Edit 18:14 GTM+2: Also volume 3 raws. That’s really good news! I’ll be updating the volume list.

Edit 18:41 GTM+2 (summer time): Omari’s Sister announced that they’ll be releasing OnU chapter 2 this month.

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