Birdcage Manor v1: Chapter 2 part 1

Chapter 2    Street • Brave • Girl

She thrust her feet into her boots, grabbed her jacket and the man’s wallet and ran out at the very last second. Right then, the man got out of shower with one towel coiled around his waist and came leaping out of the room shouting harsh words. She looked back once from the corridor, with the meanings of goodbye she stuck out her tongue, and ran away. In the corridor of a tawdry hotel in a wilting-away outskirts resounded a heavily kicking footsteps of the slipping-off boots.

The man heaped at her back abusive jeers how dead she’ll be. With just a small amount of fear and a bit of tension, but mostly with sensation of exaltation her heart leapt rapidly. There was that nutrient-like pleasant numbness clinging to her back, permeating to her body from the nape of her neck.

She dashed down the stairs. Her mind was being controled by her goundless self-confidence that no one can catch her. She descended about eighty percent of blinds and ran in front of the reception, she stopped once in front of the exit that was divided with a wall so that it couldn’t be seen from the outside. Slightly out of breath she looked over her shoulder:

I win.

Saying her innermost thoughts she chuckled.

Pulling her arms through the sleeves of a fake fur jacket, she turned back and started to run again.

Under the neon lights glittering in the night streets a figure in a black jacket was swallowed into the blue-gray scenery.

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10 thoughts on “Birdcage Manor v1: Chapter 2 part 1

  1. Assuming you’ve already read through it, does the novel mention any backstory for Kizuna? Is there any way we could get some summary on it please?

    • I’m sorry, I can’t give you a summary. The second chapter is about Kizuna meeting Yuusei and Yuki and becoming Yuusei’s model. Basically, that what was covered in manga. I didn’t read through the novel as I cannot read without needing to look at the kanji dictionary. I’m enjoying it with the same tempo as you readers. 🙂

  2. I cannot express enough thanks for your translation of this light novel. The manga really captivated me, so naturally I wanted to read the novel too. The fact that you’ve poured so much of your own time and effort into this just so strangers like me can enjoy a light (but wonderful) read, deserves great recognition. I’ve already fallen in love with this story, and cannot wait for the next parts. I read in the past chapter comment you are having trouble with RAWs? I need to practice my kanji, so was thinking of buying the orginals, if I could find them; If I manage to get hold of them prehaps I could help? It was just a thought anyways. =3

    • You’re welcome! 🙂
      You are right, I truly have problem finding the raws for volume 2 to 6. There was a person previously who said they would scan it for me, but they only scanned prologue and illustrations of volume 2 and then disappeared on me. If you would be willing to provide me with the raws, I would be really thankful.
      I don’t plan to drop this project, although it takes me quite a while and I’m busy in RL (I’m studying Japanese officially in university).

  3. I’ll be really happy if you could continue translating this novel, i’m willing to wait like for years. If there’s anything i can do to help, i will, but im only a teenager so i couldn’t donate anything for now, but wait for like 5 years and when im fucking rich i’ll give all my money to you lol. (not all of course)

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