Kyuuketsuki Hajimeru Vol.1 – Chapter 1

coverVampire release!

You can read chapter 1 on Pressbooks here: CHAPTER 1

(No more posting the text here on the page, sorry. Pressbooks is easier to manage.)

Also now I’m launching hosting on Baka-Tsuki, so after 24 hours you will be able to read it there too. This is the project page.

Torikagosou’s Baka-Tsuki page is here.

Just a bit of ranting. Did anyone buy and read the 2nd volume of Seraph of the End? Because there’s a scene that resembles – or is exactly, like the prologue of this novel.

Also, for anyone interested, the vampire that rescued Utaya – her name is Shizuku.

3 thoughts on “Kyuuketsuki Hajimeru Vol.1 – Chapter 1

  1. Thank you so much for translating this series!
    I also love Nomura’s Book Girl and Hikaru Series so I’m very happy to read even more of her works. This one seems to be quite interesting as well.

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