About Kyuuketsuki…

I’m currently busy with RL so my translating is slow right now, but I found a way to translate even using my cell phone so I try to translate it bit by bit.

And good news!
I have found KH volume 2 raws, so once I finish volume 1 I can continue to volume 2.

Also, volume 3 will be released on December 26th. 🙂

Some people asked about Birdcage Manor, so I present my plan.

  1. From now on I will release everything per chapter. (Not like previously released Birdcage per parts.)
  2. I plan to release BM chapter 2 when I’ll be somewhere in the middle of KH v.1 translation (after ch4 or 5 of KH).
  3. There are some novels I’m a little interested in, so I’ll try to do a preview translation of them.


BM – Birdcage Manor
KH – Kyuuketsuki Hajimeru

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