New project – poll winner announcement!

I’m happy to inform you guys that the “1st project pick-up poll” is now closed and I can introduce the winner!
The poll has received 550 votes over 25 days.
I’m glad that no novel was neglected as each novel got some votes, although 3 projects tied for last place with 2 votes each.
Third place got 47 votes, 2nd got 69, and the 1st place got 78 votes. Quite some leaps, especially between 3rd and 2nd. As an interest, the 2nd place project was at 1st place for about a week.

Now for the title that actually got the 1st place…


The winner is……

Taiyou no Channel

Solar Channel (太陽のチャンネル)
Author: Urushibara Yukito, Illustrator: Kuroya Shinobu

Taiyou no Channel 01

The boy, Shima Hitoshiki is the strongest hitman–. Bearing a certain past, he is spending his days, publicly as a high school student, but at night he is a professional from the underworld who does any job depending on the reward. And also tonight, Hitoshiki will complete a commission as a courier. However, inside the package he received was a stark naked maiden! Hitoshiki somehow manages to escape from the hands of the marauder that aims at her. Then, she calls herself Anju, and spoke as a matter of course that she’s a daughter of the vampire “Shinso (progenitor)”. Furthermore, she makes one request to Hitoshiki. Its contents were–“Please, somehow. Please……kill me.” At that very moment, a serial murder incident is happening in the town…!? This is a story of discovering a “sun” presented by Urushibara Yukito x Kuroya Shinobu–.

Wow, I guess the new project is also a vampire story. 😀

Project page and other information will be revealed at a later time.

6 thoughts on “New project – poll winner announcement!

  1. Thank you so much for this.

    Recently, there been a little bit of changes in the comming and goings of TPP that is relavent to translators (Basically allowing translators and librarians to go to jail at a copyright holders whim just for distributing any copyrighted work). Now you can fight the good fight with against this at; however, I think the following links below would help you more:


    P.S. I am also doing this PSA because recent attack on Jn from solitarytranslation

    • School’s so busy I hardly have any time to rest, and if I have time, I eat or do laundry, cleaning and shopping. And even if there’s a vacation, we just get more assignments on top of the mountain of assignments we have to do. (oT-T)尸 o(╥﹏╥)o
      …I’ll try to translate something soon. ∠(`・ω・´)

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