Like I mentioned…

kyuuketsuki hajimeru 05

So, like I mentioned on Twitter, I’m currently in Tokyo-Japan for a study abroad as exchange student.

Good news is that I already purchased all 5 volumes of Kyuuketsuki Hajimeru. I still have to buy Solar Channel and Birdcage Manor – they totally slipped my mind (lol).

I’m still getting used to things around here so it’ll take some time before I resume translating. But as I will have the original books with me, I’ll work through them slowly. I’m the same as you all readers that I don’t know the story before I see the translation. I seriously need to work on my kanji reading skills. 😀

Also, I think I’ll have to look around where to buy a scanner…

In the mean time before I publish a new translation, I’ll update the project pages with chapter names and so on…

Right, I meant to ask, but do you guys like the Release Calendar for Light Novels published in English?

3 thoughts on “Like I mentioned…

  1. Oh! I’ve been eyeing this series for a while! I’m also in Tokyo studying at the Japanese language school, and I kinda spend the majority of my free time in Shinjuku’s Kinokuniya Annex since I live nearby lol. Btw, I really recommend getting a point card if you’re buying a lot of stuff there. Are you by any chance studying in Waseda?

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