Definitely not quitting…

Well, some people probably don’t check older posts, but the reason I postponed translating is of course due to REAL LIFE.
I’m overseas on a student exchange an am quite busy with not only school but also with failing health.
Only 3 months left and I’ll be back home and hopefully I’ll get better there.

But I’m not sure how much better will I get as I’ll be writing my graduation theses next year. Honestly, these 2 years are simply too much.

Lately I’m so down in the dumps from all those things overhead, that I have no energy to spare to even think about translating.

HOWEVER! …Once I overcome these worries, I’ll finish translating those series I picked. And I have no intention to hand them over to some other translation groups.

And BTW, I have all the raw books for all the series I picked up, and hopefully, they’ll arrive home safely because I’ll be sending them as printed matter in M-bag.

…And lastly, the final volume cover or Kyuuketsuki.