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Uploading our files to any other site than Mangatraders (novels: Baka-Tsuki) is strictly prohibited! If you’re sharing, please don’t forget to give us the credit!

Go to “Download” in the menu to find out where the download links are. I will not answer any e-mails of the type “Where are the downloads? I can’t find it.” However if you find that a link is broken, please report it to me.
About Heart Crusade:

Don’t ask where the name came from (well you can).
I definitely didn’t copy Shoujo Crusade scans’s name or anything.
It’s the name I thought of when I was hooked on Shugo Chara! in 2009 (app.) and I thought up a character whose name was Kokoro (meaning = heart) and she was supposed to be a fashion designer that sells the clother under the name “heart crusade.”
It was around that time that I made this blog (on blogger) and I didn’t think that the name was wrong so I decided to go with it and created this group.

The decision was that I wanted to finish reading Sekai de Ichiban Daikirai and I wanted to try if I am able to release something properly – that is – I AM just ONE person that created all this.
I just thought that it’ll go somehow.
Well, this group was created with the single purpose of finishing Sekai de Ichiban Daikirai so you can see how it is.

This group will not exist for the long-term releasing as I’m not planning to do it professionally or anything. – I have real life to take care of just like everyone else.

Well, as long as I have manga that I want to FINISH reading and that has NO TRANSLATION to be found and if I just FEEL LIKE TRANSLATING IT SO I CAN  READ IT then WHY NOT LET OTHERS READ IT TOO?

I’m selfish I know, and  don’t know how to speak or write so that I don’t sound rude so I apologize for it first. Please bear with me and my slowness.

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non∞ (Heart Crusader)