Important news about Kyuuketsuki Hajimeru

With getting a hold on the volume 3 raws I’ve acquired info from the author afterword that KH will end at 5 volumes. Fourth coming out at the end of spring and fifth coming out in summer. It seems that Mizuki Nomura has either been hospitalized or is about to be hospitalized.

…I’m only reading through the afterwords ahead of time because I want to know when the next volume will be out, so by no means is this info completely correct. Well, actually, I’m at the same point in the story as you – the readers, so I’m unable to spoil anything. Note that! 🙂

Ah, just one thing. The play of the 4th volume will be Cupid and Psyche.

Kyuuketsuki Hajimeru Vol.1 – Chapter 2

coverA release of chapter 2!

Read chapter 2 on Pressbooks here: CHAPTER 2

I’m a little late than I thought.

The next chapter, chapter 3 is the longest one in the book, so expect it to come out more slowly.

Right now, I’m in the exam period, and also…
…there’s about 50% possibility that I’ll go to Japan as exchange student! – And that’s why I’ll be busy doing documents. Yup.

Well, that’s about it.

But really, I didn’t think Utaya would be such a hidden lecher. 🙂

Kyuuketsuki Hajimeru Vol.1 – Chapter 1

coverVampire release!

You can read chapter 1 on Pressbooks here: CHAPTER 1

(No more posting the text here on the page, sorry. Pressbooks is easier to manage.)

Also now I’m launching hosting on Baka-Tsuki, so after 24 hours you will be able to read it there too. This is the project page.

Torikagosou’s Baka-Tsuki page is here.

Just a bit of ranting. Did anyone buy and read the 2nd volume of Seraph of the End? Because there’s a scene that resembles – or is exactly, like the prologue of this novel.

Also, for anyone interested, the vampire that rescued Utaya – her name is Shizuku.