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3 thoughts on “NOVELS

  1. A question :S

    Have you read “Vamp!”? What do you think about it? Someone told me that it was like Durarara! but I´m not sure :S

    If you haven´t read it, don´t worry. I´m just kind of curious for this novel.

    • I’m sorry, I haven’t read it. I’d like to if I could.
      I think it’s definitely Durarara!! or Baccano! -like, after all it’s written by the same author: Ryohgo Narita.

      Apparently, it seems like volumes 1 and 2 were published in english by Seven Seas Entertainment. (well, at least vol. 1 (year 2007). At amazon it writes vol. 2 – Jul, 2011)
      You should try at amazon or ebay (—it’s not there though… . I checked), or in library to find it.

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