Taiyou no Channel

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Solar Channel

Author: Yukito URUSHIBARA
Illustrations: Shinobu KUROYA

Publisher: Kodansha Ranobe Bunko
Status: 2 Volumes – Complete

English translation by: non∞


The boy, Shima Hitoshiki is the strongest hitman–. Bearing a certain past, he is spending his days, publicly as a high school student, but at night he is a professional from the underworld who does any job depending on the reward. And also tonight, Hitoshiki will complete a commission as a courier. However, inside the package he received was a stark naked maiden! Hitoshiki somehow manages to escape from the hands of the marauder that aims at her. Then, she calls herself Anju, and spoke as a matter of course that she’s a daughter of the vampire “Shinso (progenitor)”. Furthermore, she makes one request to Hitoshiki. Its contents were–“Please, somehow. Please……kill me.” At that very moment, a serial murder incident is happening in the town…!? This is a story of discovering a “sun” presented by Urushibara Yukito x Kuroya Shinobu–.

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Taiyou no Channel 01
VOLUME 1 – Suicidal Vampire Princess and the Strongest Invincible Escapee of Death.
太陽のチャンネル 1 死にたがりの吸血姫と、最強無敵の死にぞこない。
Published: December 02, 2014. ISBN 978-4-06-381432-3

Color Illustrations
Chapter 1 – The Hitman VS the Strong-Arm Girl
Chapter 2 – The Sleeping Beauty
Chapter 3 – About the Reverse Side of the World
Chapter 4 – Today We’re Having Sukiyaki
Chapter 5 – Fight the Springtime of Life
Chapter 6 – The Hitman VS the Vampire
Chapter 7 – From Being the Strongest to Being the Weakest

Taiyou no Channel 02

VOLUME 2 – smile
太陽のチャンネル 2 smile
Published: September 02, 2015. ISBN 978-4-06-381486-6

Color Illustrations
Chapter 1 – White and Black
Chapter 2 – The Ally of Justice
Chapter 3 – The End of the Story
Chapter 4 – Solar Channel
Chapter 5 – Looking Up at the Sky