How about picking up a new project? :)

To add variety to the projects, I’d like to pick up a new novel. It’s up to you readers to vote for up to 3 projects you’d like to see. Please, include a vote for at least one 1-volume complete novel. 🙂

The project synopses are under the cut.

*EDIT: 7th February – Slight edit about released volumes and one project’s illustrator change.

**The officially announced, but not yet released, volumes are counted in the total volumes number.

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Kyuuketsuki Hajimeru Vol.1 – Chapter 2

coverA release of chapter 2!

Read chapter 2 on Pressbooks here: CHAPTER 2

I’m a little late than I thought.

The next chapter, chapter 3 is the longest one in the book, so expect it to come out more slowly.

Right now, I’m in the exam period, and also…
…there’s about 50% possibility that I’ll go to Japan as exchange student! – And that’s why I’ll be busy doing documents. Yup.

Well, that’s about it.

But really, I didn’t think Utaya would be such a hidden lecher. 🙂

Happy New Year 2015!

Dear readers,

I wish you happy new year 2015.

I hope you had a good year 2014 and wish you the best from now on as well.

Please stay with Heart Crusade in 2015. I’m looking forward for your visit.

For the next release of KH, I’ll try to (or more like I have to) bring it out before the 8th.

Now then, see you around.


next release

Dear readers, 🙂
please expect the next release of Kyuuketsuki Hajimeru after Christmas. I’m totally swamped with schoolwork for the next two weeks (up until the 19th when the semester ends).

I should be able to do more translating during the holidays until the summer semester starts somewhere in the middle of February.

In the meanwhile, please enjoy the revealed clear cover of volume 3.

* The drama play of the volume is Torikaebaya. You can read more about it in the Wikipedia article.


About Kyuuketsuki…

I’m currently busy with RL so my translating is slow right now, but I found a way to translate even using my cell phone so I try to translate it bit by bit.

And good news!
I have found KH volume 2 raws, so once I finish volume 1 I can continue to volume 2.

Also, volume 3 will be released on December 26th. 🙂

Some people asked about Birdcage Manor, so I present my plan.

  1. From now on I will release everything per chapter. (Not like previously released Birdcage per parts.)
  2. I plan to release BM chapter 2 when I’ll be somewhere in the middle of KH v.1 translation (after ch4 or 5 of KH).
  3. There are some novels I’m a little interested in, so I’ll try to do a preview translation of them.


BM – Birdcage Manor
KH – Kyuuketsuki Hajimeru

Kyuuketsuki Hajimeru Vol.1 – Chapter 1

coverVampire release!

You can read chapter 1 on Pressbooks here: CHAPTER 1

(No more posting the text here on the page, sorry. Pressbooks is easier to manage.)

Also now I’m launching hosting on Baka-Tsuki, so after 24 hours you will be able to read it there too. This is the project page.

Torikagosou’s Baka-Tsuki page is here.

Just a bit of ranting. Did anyone buy and read the 2nd volume of Seraph of the End? Because there’s a scene that resembles – or is exactly, like the prologue of this novel.

Also, for anyone interested, the vampire that rescued Utaya – her name is Shizuku.