Definitely not quitting…

Well, some people probably don’t check older posts, but the reason I postponed translating is of course due to REAL LIFE.
I’m overseas on a student exchange an am quite busy with not only school but also with failing health.
Only 3 months left and I’ll be back home and hopefully I’ll get better there.

But I’m not sure how much better will I get as I’ll be writing my graduation theses next year. Honestly, these 2 years are simply too much.

Lately I’m so down in the dumps from all those things overhead, that I have no energy to spare to even think about translating.

HOWEVER! …Once I overcome these worries, I’ll finish translating those series I picked. And I have no intention to hand them over to some other translation groups.

And BTW, I have all the raw books for all the series I picked up, and hopefully, they’ll arrive home safely because I’ll be sending them as printed matter in M-bag.

…And lastly, the final volume cover or Kyuuketsuki.



Like I mentioned…

kyuuketsuki hajimeru 05

So, like I mentioned on Twitter, I’m currently in Tokyo-Japan for a study abroad as exchange student.

Good news is that I already purchased all 5 volumes of Kyuuketsuki Hajimeru. I still have to buy Solar Channel and Birdcage Manor – they totally slipped my mind (lol).

I’m still getting used to things around here so it’ll take some time before I resume translating. But as I will have the original books with me, I’ll work through them slowly. I’m the same as you all readers that I don’t know the story before I see the translation. I seriously need to work on my kanji reading skills. 😀

Also, I think I’ll have to look around where to buy a scanner…

In the mean time before I publish a new translation, I’ll update the project pages with chapter names and so on…

Right, I meant to ask, but do you guys like the Release Calendar for Light Novels published in English?

We’re alive! :)

Just as the title says.

I’ll soon be done with my end-of-semester exams, so I’ll finally have time and energy to continue translating…

See you guys soon! 🙂

P.S. Hopefully the next post will be a new release.

New project – poll winner announcement!

I’m happy to inform you guys that the “1st project pick-up poll” is now closed and I can introduce the winner!
The poll has received 550 votes over 25 days.
I’m glad that no novel was neglected as each novel got some votes, although 3 projects tied for last place with 2 votes each.
Third place got 47 votes, 2nd got 69, and the 1st place got 78 votes. Quite some leaps, especially between 3rd and 2nd. As an interest, the 2nd place project was at 1st place for about a week.

Now for the title that actually got the 1st place…


The winner is…… Continue reading

Important news about Kyuuketsuki Hajimeru

With getting a hold on the volume 3 raws I’ve acquired info from the author afterword that KH will end at 5 volumes. Fourth coming out at the end of spring and fifth coming out in summer. It seems that Mizuki Nomura has either been hospitalized or is about to be hospitalized.

…I’m only reading through the afterwords ahead of time because I want to know when the next volume will be out, so by no means is this info completely correct. Well, actually, I’m at the same point in the story as you – the readers, so I’m unable to spoil anything. Note that! 🙂

Ah, just one thing. The play of the 4th volume will be Cupid and Psyche.